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By on May 09, 2021 (Edited )

Heading west from this parking lot, you can reach the scenic Weber Creek bridge in about 1.5 miles and continue on as far as you want (about 4.5 paved miles, then dirt). Heading east, you've got about a mile of trail before you come out on Main Street and have about a mile to go along the street before the trail resumes again along Hangtown Creek. The eastward route takes you past a bunch of trash-filled homeless camps along the creek, so westward is usually more enjoyable.

Although this is a paved bike trail, most of the part westward to the bridge has a dirt trail option too. Dirt options are rare eastward.

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By on May 02, 2021

Park in the big dirt area before the gate, at the end of the public part of Amber Fields Drive. From here, take the trail north: you can keep left next to the horse pasture fence, or cross the tracks to the trail on the other side. Since there's separate trails on each sides of the tracks, you can make this into a loop of sorts. Nice views all the way to the Sacramento Valley within a couple miles. The early part has a good amount of shade, less later on. Rolling hills. One mysterious car wreck. Best viewed from March through May for flowers.

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By on Apr 28, 2021 (Edited )

Park in the big dirt area before the gate, at the end of the public part of Amber Fields Drive. From here, head south, crossing South Shingle. You'll find horses, cows, and great sweeping vistas of the foothills. Be prepared for lots of sun, not much shade, and sometimes some snakes on the trail. Rolling hills. Great flower displays in the spring. Continue as far as you like.

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By on Oct 13, 2020

The trail is mostly over granite, but there's a lot of rock cairns to show the way.

Large free parking lot, which had only two cars in it at noon on a Tuesday.

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By on Mar 18, 2020 (Edited )

From the Taylor Creek Visitor Center, there are a couple of great options. First, there's the ~1 mile loop through the stream profile chamber where you can watch fish in the creek. Then there's the Lake of the Sky trail that takes you along the shore of Lake Tahoe to the Tallac and Pope estates, where you can tour historical bulidings in the summer or just walk outside them in the winter.

Here's a 5 mile loop route that covers everything of interest:

Parking lot is closed during snow season, but depending on conditions you may be able to park on the side of the highway and hike in.

Crowded in summer, not in winter. So flat that it's more of a walk than a hike, but lots to see.

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By on Mar 18, 2020 (Edited )

Very steep, in a not-very-dangerous but quite exhausting way. Best views are near the start. There's a puddle near the beginning that can be difficult to get around at rainy times. The left fork at the start will take you .7 miles down until you get to a private property warning, then a much harder .7 miles back up. The right fork is a shorter trail but also steep, probably .3 miles each way.

To find the parking, look for the second gate on your left if you're coming up the hill on 193 -- and just park on the road by the gate, there's room.

A history lesson: www.sierracascadelandtrust...cess-stories/wildman-hill/

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By on Mar 08, 2020

The hidden bridge makes a good destination when the water is low.

$10 to park in the lot, or free dirt parking just before the bridge.

By on Jan 01, 2020 (Edited )

Starting from the parking lot by the mill, head west across the road and find the trail that goes up the hill. It'll be moderately steep with some steps, but not for very long, as it leads up to the Marshall monument statue. Continuing past there you'll encounter a pioneer church.

By on Jul 16, 2018 (Edited )

Parking is on the right 3.4 miles up Wrights Lake Road -- the Google Maps location for "Forni Meadows Trailhead" gets you right there. Since it starts around 6800' and the road isn't plowed, it wouldn't be easy to access in the winter. Trail is 4.5 miles each way, wide dirt road trail with a gentle steady thousand foot elevation gain. Destination is an old summer cow camp with historic cabins and wildflowers.

The trail is part of the Caldor burn scar, so it has less shade than it used to, which may make it less pleasant in the summer.

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By on Nov 21, 2017 (Edited )

From the Magnolia Ranch parking lot, you can either walk an easy loop of a couple miles or you can divert onto the south fork american river trail which goes all the way to Folsom Lake.

There's an interesting contrast in scenery, with gentle grassy hills and a creek and forest and the river ravine.

By on Nov 15, 2017

A nice small waterfall in the American River Canyon. Arrive early (~8am) or on a weekday for free parking along the side of 49 at the trailhead -- fills up fast on weekends.

Starts in El Dorado county, crosses the river and ends in Placer county.

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By on Nov 15, 2017

A nice trail along the edge of Folsom Lake. Goes forever. Park along Sophia and walk across Green Valley to trailhead.

By on Nov 15, 2017 (Edited )

Developed park with a loop around the lake. The peninsula and the [bridged] island are nice view spots. Flat and simple. A bit busy. Used to be free in the winter, but alas no more... $3, or $2 for seniors aged 62+.

Now includes a disc golf course.

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By on Nov 15, 2017

Nice views (of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe), but no more so than the rest of the tahoe area. Okay waterfall.

In the summer, there's free parking at the Bayview trailhead past the campground. In the off-season, parking across the street at the inspiration point and walking in is an option.

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