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By on Jul 01, 2024 (Edited )

From Wild Oaks Park, this trail follows a creek northwest until you come out on Green Valley Road near Hidden Acres Drive. From there, you could extend your hike indefinitely by crossing the street to the Browns Ravine Assembly Area and catchin the trail around Folsom Lake from there. Alternatively, from Wild Oaks Park you can go about 500 feet east to enter the New York Creek Nature Trail from Art Weisberg Park which can take you several more miles and connect to additional trails. In both csses you have to go along roads a little bit for the connection, so technically I'm just counting it as a max 1 mile trail still although you can incorporate it into as long of a hike as you like.

Parking for Wild Oaks Park appears to be roadside on El Dorado Hills Blvd or possibly also on Brittany Place with what looks like a possible lot at 4080 Brittany Place.

By on Jan 27, 2024 (Edited )

Actually a little north of Catecroft. Dirt/gravel parking in front of a signed trail entry labeled Catecroft. There are countless trail forks to choose from. Many ways to make loops if you wish to. Leads into into the wider Knickbocker/Omstead/etc trails area to take you as many miles as you want down into the canyon and up to Auburn etc.

Terrain is pretty easy for the immediate few miles of trail, much steeper if you go down toward the confluence. Becomes much more crowded if you go down that way too -- but you can do at least 7 mile loops without getting into the steep / crowded area.

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By on Sep 27, 2023 (Edited )

Follows a historical wagon road and pony express route. Features an abandoned stone building and some antique trash.

By on Jul 15, 2023

Turning off Serrano, you head down a short gravel road to a large gravel parking lot by the sports fields. The trail starts beyond the softball field's left field. The trail loops around the entire lake when water is low, but is cut into two parts when the water is higher. Besides the main wide trail around Bass Lake, there's a side trail around Dry Lake. More trails coming soon. Flat, not much shade, good views of Pine Hill and the lake.

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By on Jul 13, 2023

This trailhead can lead to a variety of lakes and waterfalls, or Mount Tallac. Take your pick.

By on Jul 13, 2023

2600 foot ascent to the top of Mt Ralston. Approximately 3 miles each way.

By on May 10, 2023

Park at the end of Panther.

Don't go into this expecting a real mountain, you won't even notice when you cross the so-called summit. That said, it's a fairly pleasant little hike with a mix of civilization and nature, and some nice lake views.

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By on May 10, 2023

Best in summer to avoid snowcover. There's no extreme scrambles on Mt Tallack, it's just endless uphill at high elevation with annoyingly sharp rocks that'll beat up your feet. 9739' peak elevation, but feels tougher than higher ones like Round Top. Features Floating Island and Cathederal Lakes along the way, after the latter you emerge from the forest into all direct sun the rest of the way.

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By on Feb 07, 2023 (Edited )

Park in Marshall Gold Discovery SHP. Make your way on foot across the bridge and down Bayne Road to the Dutch Creek Falls trail. Then, when you find yourself at the base of the big hill, take the trail straight up it for a rise of 1000 feet in half a mile.

Extreme terrain is very dangerous, not recommended, but a lot of people do it anyway. Make sure you have the upper body strength for coming back down on your hands, or small feet to fit the footholds.

Best in late spring: winter will create a mud slip hazard, summer will be totally exposed to sun and the thistle and burs will come out and stick through fall.

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By on Feb 06, 2023 (Edited )

Can start at the park, or at the smaller lot in the Saratoga development. Trail is about 1.5 mi each way making 3 mi total, but if you want a longer hike you can connect to the New York Creek Trail from it for an extra couple miles.

Ramblr track:

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By on Aug 14, 2022 (Edited )

This is a 7.4 mile loop through the forest about 6 miles east of Georgetown, just off Wentworth Springs Road. The nearest named street just before the forest service road you want is Lea Way. You can put "Lea Way, California 95634" into your maps app, and then remember to continue past it to the next forest service gravel road you see on your right (12N29G) -- or input the coordinates 38.931060, -120.757915.

Lots of lovely forest and a creek in spots.

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By on Jun 14, 2022

Important: Parking lot is only open May 1 - October 31st (although walk-ins are allowed year round).

This trail features a moderate waterfall (at least in spring and early summer), some barns, gondolas, and fantastic views of Lake Tahoe. There's a variety of routes available for the lower part, then up higher you're on a connector that leads to the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can continue on the Tahoe Rim Trail to make as long of a hike as you'd like.

It goes steadily up the mountainside, but with lots of switchbacks so it's never dramatically steep.

See the trail map at

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By on May 24, 2022 (Edited )

Use the coordinates 38.920547, -120.696675 to find the spot -- most maps apps don't pick up the intersection.

This is mostly a forest road, which makes it a good wide trail through picturesque forest. You'll get to the creek with no problem. Supposedly there's a way to a waterfall, but I was only able to go a short distance upstream before it became impassable -- just saw a bunch of two foot waterfalls.

You can extend this hike as far as you like past the creek, just keep following the forest roads, but there's nothing particularly different to see that I know of.

Sporadic cell signal at the start and all along the trail -- can't be relied on but you get lucky sometimes.

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By on Mar 17, 2022 (Edited )

The parking lot is in Cool near the fire station, $10 per car. No free parking options nearby.

Good in spring with lots of wildflowers.

A variety of routes are possible. You can make a loop of pretty much any distance you like out of the many trail forks. Pointed Rocks is a 3 mile loop on this trail:

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