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By on Mar 07, 2022

This hike goes through Desolation Wilderness, free self-registration available at the trailhead.

You'll come to a junction with the option of either Lyons Lake or Sylvia Lake. Lyons Lake offers a steeper option than Sylvia Lake.

By on Feb 28, 2022 (Edited )

Liimited roadside parking on Shadowfax for the back entrance to the park, near the cemetery (should fit a handful of cars). The big parking lot is $10.

This is a very small park, but you can walk a mile or two loop through the wetlands and the cemetery. To make a longer hike of it you could cross the street to Browns Ravine Trail.

By on Feb 26, 2022 (Edited )

See for directions - it's way off in the forest down dirt roads with no address anywhere close, and the map pin here is not accurate.

By on Feb 26, 2022 (Edited )

If you're coming from highway 193, it should be about 2.5 miles along Rock Creek Road. Be sure to measure that since there's no address. Look for the giant electrical tower, and there's a small trail sign by the road too, and you'll see the little gravel road. Down the very short well-maintained gravel road there's a small parking lot, and the trail starts right there. There's room for 3 vehicles in the parking lot, and another 3 or 4 on the street.

This will take you about 400 feet elevation difference down to the river, then back up.

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By on Feb 26, 2022 (Edited )

Find parking near the corner of Serrano and EDH Blvd -- that's a challenge, the parking lot right there you may notice on satellite is gated and private. Maybe the Raley's parking lot is the best bet. Then walk down Serrano on the north side on the sidewalk for a bit until you come to a path meandering off to your left. This path eventually intersects with the dirt trail to Asbestos Ridge.

Alternately, there appears to be a way in from the opposite end at the end of Adam Court -- which is a neighborhood where parking might be frowned on so you might want to walk in from Harvard Way. Don't try to enter from Meadow Wood because that's a gated street.

By on Feb 12, 2022

Very limited parking, room for maybe 4 vehicles, so this isn't likely to work for you on a weekend. It's just a gravel area by the road, on the left if heading north or the right if heading south. Head down the dirt trail and you'll join the ~17 mile Browns Ravine Trail in the middle, next to the lovely wooden bridge over New York Creek.

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By on Feb 08, 2022 (Edited )

Lovely tree-shaded out and back trail that winds around above the shores of Folsom Lake and New York Creek as they merge.

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By on Feb 06, 2022 (Edited )

Parking is $5, with an $18 annual parking pass available.

This is a new trail connecting Henningsen-Lotus Park to the Marshall Gold DIscovery State Historic Park. The connector itself is about a mile long, but you continue on the Monroe Ridge Trail from there. You can take it to Sutter's Mill or the Marshall Monument or the river or the rest of the sights in the area, and make a loop coming up the other end of the Monroe Ridge Trail. Ridgetop views should be good.

Quite steep, but safe switchbacks all the way up the hill.

Trail dedication news:

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By on Feb 03, 2022

Just a small dirt parking area along the road. Should be okay on a weekday but probably going to be full on a weekend. Connects to the Sweetwater Trail, it's about a mile and a half to the hidden bridge (which is above the water only in summer/fall/drought).

By on Feb 03, 2022 (Edited )

A short trail, pretty if you like oak trees. No way to avoid the expensive parking.

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By on Jan 15, 2022 (Edited )

The trail starts along Missouri Flat Road, park in the wide shoulder just south of Walmart. You can also reach the trail from behind Walmart if you want. Heading to the train station makes for a nice 4.4 mile out and back.

You can make a sort of loop by taking the dirt trail one direction and the paved trail the other way. The dirt trail is a bit overgrown in spots though, and has a homeless problem.

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By on Jan 11, 2022 (Edited )

No parking near the trailhead, park in Marshall Gold Discovery SHP for $10 and walk to the trailhead.

Multiple waterfalls. There's a rope section at the end.

By on Jun 14, 2021 (Edited )

Park in the gravel along Motherlode by the defunct Front Yard Nursery. The trail is along the railroad tracks. Heading east from here, the first half mile is boring gravel but then it gets interesting as you get into the hills and see cows, deer, turkeys etc. If you go eastward, it's about a mile to the train station.

Recommended route: 5.5 miles westward out and back to the spectacular railroad cut.
Long route: 10 miles westward out and back to the Shingle Springs train station with lots to see.
Short route: 3 miles westward out and back to Greenstone
Shortest route: 2 miles eastward out and back to El Dorado train station

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By on May 16, 2021 (Edited )

You can extend this as far as you want once it joins up with Darrington Trail, which goes many miles both east and west. The Acorn Creek section is just a mile or so newly developed connector.
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